Quality standards:
Propolis should meet the following requirements (pursuant to the Po standard PN-R-78891): colour: from yellow to dark brown, often with greenish or reddish tint scent: pleasant, aromatic body: at the temperature below 20C – hard and breakable; over 20C – viscous and plastic.
Contents of compounds and substances insoluble in ethanol (95/V C2H5OH) may not exceed:
For Quality Class I – 30
For Quality Class II – 50br

The product should not contain
Antibiotics or pesticides (waiting period when administering medicine (e.g varriosis) should be observed and propolis should not be collected immediately after administering);
Wax-moth (Galleria mellonella) or any other insects at any growth stage;
Dead bees;
Impurities such as asphalt or window putty.
In case of doubts whether the product actually contains propolis, it’s identified chemically by means of Shinoda reaction with iron chloride solution. Detailed chemical and microbiological requirements
Detailed chemical and microbiological requirements.