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symbol: DEP/50/01

General information
Name of raw materialPropolis
SolventEthanol 96% (V/V) \ph.Eur.1317(4100102)
Drug – extract ratio (DER)1.5 – 2.5 : 1
CompositionNative extract 50%
Silicon dioxide and guar gum 50%
Purpose of useIntermediate for food products and foodstuffs
Quality dataAcceptance criteriaMethod
Characteristicsconsistency: free-flowing powder; colour: yellow-orange to brown, odour: aromatic, characteristic of propolisorganoleptic
Loss on dryingnot more than 8.0% (m/m)Ph.Eur.2.8.17
Total ashmax. 10% (m/m)Ph.Eur.2.4.16
Content of flavonoids as Catechin equivalentnot less than 10% (m/m)spectrophotometry / AlCl3 complexation
Content of phenolic compounds as Gallic acid equivalentnot less than 15% (m/m)spectrophotometry / Folin-Ciocalteu reaction
Residue of ethanolnot more than 1% (m/m)Ph.Eur.2.4.24
Microbiological purity
Total aerobic microbial count (TAMC)max. 50 000 [CFU/g] (limit with the interpretation of “x factor 5 or 2” (according to FP chapter 5.1.4 or 5.1.8))FP 2.6.12
Total combined yeasts/moulds count (TYMC)max. 500 [CFU/g] (limit with the interpretation of “x factor 5 or 2” (according to FP chapter 5.1.4 or 5.1.8))FP 2.6.12
Escherichia coliabsent in 1gFP 2.6.31
Salmonellaabsent in 25gFP 2.6.31
Staphylococcus aureusabsent in 1gFP 2.6.13
Packagedouble polyethylene bag and cardboard; other packages are allowed at customer’s request
Labellingname and code of product, batch number, production date, shelf life, net mass, gross mass, tare
Storagestored in a well-closed container, protected from moisture and light, at the temperature not exceeding 25°C
Shelf life18 months

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