Quality standards

Propolis should meet the following requirements (based on the Polish standard PN-R-78891):

  • color: yellow to dark brown, often with a specific odor, greenish or reddish hue.


  • at a temperature below 20 ° C – strong and brittle;
  • above 20 ° C – sticky and plastic-like

The content of spirit-insoluble compounds and substances must not exceed:

  • for quality class I – 30%,
  • for the 2nd quality class – 50%.

The product cannot contain:

  • antibiotics or pesticides. Observe waiting periods when taking medicines, for example against Varroosis, and do not collect putty immediately after use.
  • pieces of beehive paint (may contain lead)
  • mold
  • wax moths or other pests at any stage of development
  • dead bees
  • contaminants such as asphalt or window putty.

In case of doubt, if the product actually contains clean propolis, its identity can be chemically verified by the Shinoda reaction and the ferric chloride solution

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